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Service excellence is not just a goal, but the foundation of our company's culture. We started in our founders’ garage in 1998 and are now the largest wine supply chain company with nine distribution locations across the country, yet we still treat every client like a guest in our home.

Service excellence is not just a goal, but the foundation of our company’s culture. We started in our founders’ garage in 1998 and are now the largest wine supply chain company with nine distribution locations across the country, yet we still treat every client like a guest in our home.

We have maintained steady growth based on sound values and a dedicated team of professional staff. We act with integrity in all that we do. As a company made up of individuals, we strive to meet personal and business goals. And last, but certainly not least, we enjoy life and what we do.
Wineshipping Story

Wineshipping Story

A Proud Journey

Shipping wine is more than moving boxes, just like making wine is more than simply growing grapes. When we started Wineshipping from our garage in 1998 we were impassioned to fill the gaps we saw in the wine industry. So we dedicated our business to go beyond the basics in logistics to include services like temperature-controlled shipping, quick turnaround deliveries and economical fulfillment because we believe those services aren’t little details: they’re the things that make the big difference for your brand.

Over the years, we’ve assembled a passionate team of shipping professionals who treat your wine brand like it’s their own. Every day we work to fulfill the dreams of our wine clients both big and small. Those dreams only happen when the difficult parts of shipping wine are made easy. So we’ve made it our mission to simplify wine delivery at every step with innovative logistics technologies and more economical fulfillment solutions. That means more of your hard-earned money stays in your pocket to keep building your dream, bottle by bottle.

Reaching 98%+ of wine-drinking consumers with two-day ground service became a standard consumer logistics across the country, so we built one of the largest strategic networks to make that possible with wine too. Because your customers are drinking wine year-round, we made getting wine to them possible year-round with temperature-controlled shipping and insulated packaging for final mile assurance.

When you’re choosing a 3PL service, Wineshipping is offering you more than a shipping and fulfillment vendor that gets your wine from Point A to Point B – we’re offering a partnership in ensuring exceptional service and logistics solutions for your business, daily. You keep making great wine, and we’ll keep getting it there.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

What We Do Best

We’re Committed To Your Craft

We know what it’s like to start small. But we also know how important it is to be ready to scale when you need it. That’s why we’ve invested in our infrastructure to make Wineshipping the largest wine supply chain company in the country with ten distribution centers across the United States. From insulated shipping containers to 2-Day Shipping anywhere in the country, our winery brand partners are supported no matter what size they are today.

We’re Committed To Intuitive Service

We have clients in all shapes and sizes and that allows us to innovate to make our service better, faster and stronger. Our wide range of clients allows us to leverage insights to anticipate opportunities to serve you better.

We’re Committed To Sharing Your Journey

The only way to keep innovating is to really understand what makes your business tick. We are dedicated to providing intuitive service that knows what you need, before you need it. It’s also important that you know all of this too, so we provide full transparency into your business data so you always know what’s working for you.

Values and Mission Statements

Our Values

Performance | Relationships | Efficiency | Productivity | Knowledge | Connection | Growth | Joy

Our Founding Vision

To be the industry’s leading partner, pioneering solutions to advance wine commerce while ensuring a meaningful contribution to our community.

Our Guiding Mission

To simplify access to wine.

Our Shared Journey

  • Wineshipping will be an extension of your team ensuring end to end luxury consumer experiences.
  • For an effective Partnership, we need seamless and ongoing communication, trust and transparency between Executive Team, Account Management and Customer Service.
Service Excellence

Service Excellence

Our history of quality, innovation and customer care has served hundreds of wineries; ask around, our reputation is strong!

Customer Focus

Relationships are the core of our business. We are a part of your team, we take the time to get to know your needs. The details that may seem small can be huge, and we take the time to understand the importance of every detail.


We help our clients grow their business with services that set them apart from the competition. Game changers to small details – we have a solution to deliver exceptional service, every time.


Count on us to get the job done, accurately and on-time- from start to finish. Our experience provides our customers the trust and security to know the job is done right.


Full transparency into your business data allows you to quickly respond to your customers’ needs and business activities.


Is a core value for us – we strive to do the right thing and own it. Our rigorous quality control and attention to detail ensure your wine is safe and your orders are delivered accurately. We guarantee your customers’ experience!

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